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In The Local Gov’t Elections

Please, vote for the PNM. Vote for the PNM, who cannot even prevent simple earthquakes from happening. When the UNC was in power, earthquakes were at a minimum and no more than .2 on the richtor scale. Who is this richtor fellow at any rate? Ramesh, please make a scale for me. I should have a scale called the Basdeo scale.



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A Letter to CNC 3

Dear CNC 3,

Could you please get your reporter Marcia Braveboy to stop breathing as though she is trying to seduce viewers of your news program? Also, when reporting on the mall, her attire wasn’t even appropriate to be in the mall, where she was reporting, far less for reporting news. That is all.


Your Friend,



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No Jet For You

I hope that Patrick’s delay in Uganda doesn’t mean he wants to get himself a personal jet. First this Dictator builds a mansion, as though he is some President, then he takes a test flight on a jet. Jets and large houses are for people of high status, like Presidents and Prime Ministers, not….Unprime Imministers. That’s what Patrick is.

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Well, What The Hell?

I’ve looked at this, as suggested by Shivonne. I honestly do not know what to say.


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Be My Fan.

On Facebook.


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I Love This Blog

By this blog, I obviously mean my blog. I don’t think I have to tell you my blog is the greatest thing since Kiss Hops. Far be it for me to make your eyes deviate from the splendor that is my blog, but when things are slow here I will allow you to view this blog about Trinidad and Tobago media.

Watch TT Media shows all the atrocities committed by our media. It is to Trinidad and Tobago media what this blog is to the PNM and COP. I love it.

Could someone writing for that blog please contact me? I wanted to submit things but found no way of doing so.


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Look At What You Vote For


Not that I want to bring things up over and over, but getting things implanted in your brains means I will be able to make you see the error in your ways.

A young boy’s mother was stabbed to death four years ago. Now we read that his father put poison in his soft drink and is now dead. Would this happen were the UNC in power?¬† I think not.

If you want to know why things have been so slow, as I mentioned before, things have been less than interesting¬† when it comes to blog-worthy topics. It’s just as well, considering our chief whip had to get Blink Broadband, which is as reliable as getting Anil Roberts to stay quiet.

Vote the Alliance.

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