Kamla D’ Rappa?

I must admit, there were rumblings inside the UNC Alliance that Kamla was pursuing a rap career. I know not to give such nonsense a second thought, but when the evidence is in front of you, you have to take notice. Apparently she recorded what is referred to as a “diss track” for me when I was generous enough to let her lead the woman’s arm of the United National Congress Alliance.

As usual, Ramesh was able to dig up a pityear for me. But Ramesh did one better, he managed to get the song. Listen for yourself! I will let this slide, considering she was a bit hot-headed, not to mention her stress must have been off the charts because we made her not drink for the entire month. I am showing compassion this time Kamla, but next time, you may not be so lucky.





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11 responses to “Kamla D’ Rappa?

  1. wild indian

    buh wait nuh!!!!
    I goin and sue for copyright infringement!
    jus because Kamla put a lil tune under MY LYRICS she feel she could call d shots?!!!
    an is Ramesh get it fuh yuh?!
    I going and have ah talk wid Anand!
    I post dem lyrics weeks ago!
    I goin and talk to COTT!

  2. basdeopanday

    Ramesh informed me that he purchased it on the street, opposite white hall. The pirates got it from him, mind you. But ultimately, it was not him, but the pirates.

  3. wild indian

    ah yes d Pirates.

    well i would expect nothing less from them!
    we have been warring with each other for a very very long time … as long as the ages I would say.

    should put them on a spit, with a little bar-b-que sauce. we make a special bar-b-que sauce, does go dong nice wit young quenk. is we who invent that word yuh kno: bar-b-que, another fine word we invented was hammock!

  4. Ramesh

    Look Bas….that is it, ah fed up warning you not to release dem pityear…Kamla called me this morning and rel cuss out meh ass.

    yuh ole dog bas, ah going to release some pics of you entering and leaving villa capri!! yuh feel i joking….i on serious business here…silver kyat

  5. wild indian

    I hear she gettin on real bad.
    Like d fack dat yuh bus d tune take way some ah she thunder.
    So d lawsuits lining up. Is me fuh d lyrics. She. Next ting yuh get a notice from Whitney Houston … cause I fine d melody songin a lil familiar.
    Is ah good ting d link break dong because so many people was loggin on to get it.
    She could have a hit on she hands dey.

    Anyhow I read d papers dis mornin and ah realize why Orange Sky backin yuh so hard.

    yes Panday. you use to smoke chillum too?

  6. Ramesh

    me and bas used to smoke up de challis back in the formative years.

  7. basdeopanday

    Ramesh you have NO SUCH THING. DO not mess with me because TODAY I will put those pictures up of YOU. Do not test me!

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