About Basdeo

November 10th, 1995 – December 23rd, 2001 was the greatest period in time in Trinidad and Tobago history. It was the time with which Basdeo Panday was Prime Minister of the twin-island Republic. In his free time Basdeo is a hat connoisseur and has take to blogging as a new form of connecting with the people of Trinidad and Tobago.


12 responses to “About Basdeo

  1. arthur

    The greatest prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago. I mean the Caribbean. No, I mean the hemisphere. NO, I MEAN THE WORLD.

    He is right there with Gandhi, Mandela, Fidel and Mr. Bean!

  2. con-doleezah-rice

    yeah greatest Prime Minister….just doh try for Pres. cause my home boy George Dubya has that on LOCK DOWN…he da man!

  3. BP4Lyfe

    Haha…he was the greatest prime minister of trinidad. At least people werent droppin in the road like fly every 4 hours. People had real jobs and worked hard to earn an honest livin..they wasnt gettin thing drop in they hand for free as a bribe to vote for PNM… chutz man. Bas is the Man!

    and tell ‘duck-and-run’ and the rest ah the ‘corpse’ to take a backseat…. he cud neva beat bas!!!

  4. Oma

    He’s also a real beast in bed…well at least that’s what Ramesh said, so it MUST be true.

  5. sela

    like someone said the greatest prime minister between 1995-2001.

  6. Mikela

    I love him eh, cuz he gone back into politicks juss to pull me into the party
    PANDAYS going to rule all yuh fools forever..

  7. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Basdeo Panday for making me an MP. Truth be told, I expected the Minister of Sports position but then again Kamla offered me ah chicken and chips for saying that the orange rally had 1874541515 people. I am dissapointed, but Panay tell meh “Jack boy politics has an honesty of its own too”

    I will, when I am in the country (one day for the month), assist the UNC in giving the PNM hell. Hell, in that usage, means a condescendin tounge lashing that will leave them speechless. I always leave ppl speechless, ramesh tell meh iz because they dont understand me, with the speech impediment and all, but he used to be ah neemakaram circa 2003.

    The scheduled date for party implosion is the 18th March, 2008. The new list of Nimackarams (gosh Bas help meh spell this indian word nah) will be out on 25th March, 2008.

    I going to check Bas jus now in Bryansgate, he going to take he Black Audi A8 and i going to take meh blue porsche and ride up to the Parliament together whilst. Rememba eh ppl, we is not knife an fork ppl, that is the corpses!

  8. Somebody please, give Jack another crayon and carry him to see pirates 3 again. That being said, I have a bit of a problem. Keep reading.

    I’ve exhausted the generosity of my old prostate, thus I made a clarion call for a donor for an implant procedure. Unwilling to urinate through a manifold of plastic tubes, I beg the population to send me off in a blaze of glory; with my soldier boots on and with a new fresh incorruptible prostate.

    Anyone interested in giving this old man another chance at pee-pee-ing peacefully should visit me at my home.

    If you are not willing to give me your prostate, you are part of the drug mafia and when my piggy hurts and Oma cant go to london every week and jack cant theif plane ticket fuh world cup to give to he son travel agency, look into the mirror and dont complain. It is what you voted for.

  9. Gillian

    you bastards….

  10. politikal

    “STAND TALL”…. *music rumbles* “STAND TALL” *music rumbles*.

  11. Boops


    There is one question I reeeeeeeealy want answered.

    Is your hair color really blonde, or do you just dye it platinum or something?

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