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Twitter Me This

Where to begin…
I suppose I should start off by saying where I have been gone all this time. Three words: World of Warcraft. I know, you didn’t think the Silver Fox had the time to be raiding with the UNC guild, but you’re wrong. I was kicked out of Parliament after all. I think when I get reinstated I will have to move with one of those Netbooks, like the Dell Mini 12 so when Patrick with those Coke-bottle frames wants to say anything I will simply claim it is a calculator. Anyway, moving right along.

So Patos is back with the blog and of course can’t stop talking about me. And forget dealing with this HCU situation (thank goodness Oma made me open that ScotiabankBE account) because Patos has to Twitter! Being the pioneer that I am, I already have my Twitter profile up and running and it has been active since last year.

This wajank had my Facebook profile removed, then comes to speak ill of me on Twitter. The poor soul believes the Twitter spam bots I have following him are real.

I also had to had the prefix “fake” to my name, for fear that Patrick does to my Twitter account what he did to my Facebook. I promise to update more often, I have received many emails, or an email with many letters, can’t remember which.



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I Love This Blog

By this blog, I obviously mean my blog. I don’t think I have to tell you my blog is the greatest thing since Kiss Hops. Far be it for me to make your eyes deviate from the splendor that is my blog, but when things are slow here I will allow you to view this blog about Trinidad and Tobago media.

Watch TT Media shows all the atrocities committed by our media. It is to Trinidad and Tobago media what this blog is to the PNM and COP. I love it.

Could someone writing for that blog please contact me? I wanted to submit things but found no way of doing so.


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