In The Local Gov’t Elections

Please, vote for the PNM. Vote for the PNM, who cannot even prevent simple earthquakes from happening. When the UNC was in power, earthquakes were at a minimum and no more than .2 on the richtor scale. Who is this richtor fellow at any rate? Ramesh, please make a scale for me. I should have a scale called the Basdeo scale.



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3 responses to “In The Local Gov’t Elections

  1. Godzilla

    Earthquake my foot! It was me, Godzilla, strikin ah blow against crime! I was promised rhoti by Basdeo in exchange for my services but since Kamla is off pursuing her rap career and the other UNC-A members are men, I had to go by Hott Shop(e?). Imagine me waiting for a $22 rhoti (extra pepper sauce) for 45mins when that asshole ex-con make me come from quite Tokyo for nuttin! I pass right by India for Christ’s sake! But no, you say the Trini thing was sweeter. Doh feel I didn’t see all them big house you have! Is you who have house in Germany! YOU CAN’T EVEN KEEP YOUR WORD FOR SOME DAMN RHOTI! WHY PEOPLE DOES BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SAY IS BEYOND ME!

  2. Sat Maharaj

    The word is “roti” and not “rhoti” you Expat!

    Any Trini worth his pepper sauce could spell roti.

    I can’t beleive you eat it and know where sells it, but do not care a damn how it is spelt. Show some respect for our culture.

    Do you have a work permit?



  3. ahahaha he tell you shut up,68955.html


    How u go live this one dong

    Patos say someone should tell u 2 shutup!

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