Rowley Gone

Interesting news coming out of Port-of-Spain as the Trade Minister was fired, I see. Keith “all I need is a tea-cup to fight” Rowley has been fired by Dictator Manning. What’s better is that Ken Valley has now been revived from the political grave by the media to give his take on the situation which is basically him telling everyone that he told us so. Well guess what, I told everyone so, before you tubby. The Express quotes Valley as saying:

those who have ears to hear, would have heard what he said before the election (about Prime Minister Patrick Manning)”.

I suppose we can take that to mean that the people of Trinidad & Tobago have ears of corn, since they did not heed Mr. Valley’s warnings of Mr. Manning’s impending dictatorial tenancies.

I wonder how Keith must be feeling right about now, having been with the PNM for so long and now being tossed aside. One gets the feeling that there is certainly some animosity, even sadness in it all as Rowley sat in the benches with no name plate, throwing glances at Patrick when he wasn’t doing the same.

I know I can count on my team to pick at the bones as the carcass rots in the sun. First Ramesh comes up to say that the collapse of the Government is at hand, happening in mere months when he thought it would be over a course of 3 years. Looks like someone owes me a doubles for winning a bet!

Next, Kamla hops out of the kitchen to say that Manning owes the country an explanation considering Rowley has had experience in parliament and if what people are saying about his firing being on account of laying allegations on the PNM then all of this should be addressed. But more important than that, more important than whatever problem is going in within the PNM is that they are masters of diverting attention. We still have high food prices to deal with over here.

Oh yeah, and Jack said something about how Colm Imbert is up next. Gold star for effort, I suppose. I swear, you give the man a safe seat in a strong UNC constituency and he thinks he’s the greatest politician since Basdeo Panday.

Well, I am still here in London. Oma is coping. I think I will try to do this more often, blogging my thoughts in one collective post rather than try posting ever so often during the day. What do you think? Feel free to follow me on Twitter, I will update there more often and save the meatier things for right here on the blog.



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9 responses to “Rowley Gone

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  2. trinichick

    so uncle bas, how come uncle jack called the min of sports a seamstress who plucks his eye borws? so wat is ur party anti-gay? (lol, nice play on words)

  3. Enough is enough in T&T.

    Let’s talk seriously.


  4. basdeopanday

    trinichick – I am not aware of what Jack as said, not that he should be saying anything. I didn’t give him permission to speak.

    Populis – You know that’s all I really want, someone to talk to…

  5. You know if Keith had listened to me the last time when I told him to go and plant peas in Tobago, he would not have been in this mess now. But Bas, how come I eh hear bout you offerin Keithos a space in the UNC ( I doh know if is still UNCA ) yet? Yuh slackin boy. Yuh slacking.

  6. basdeopanday

    Well I have been dealing with Oma, you know. I will get to scheming soon. Don’t you worry.

  7. Ramesh

    Bas boy, you stay in London as long as you want. I’ll man de fort while you’re gone – trust me.

    Doh feel dat because I sprain meh ankle the UNC is limping along in your absence. On the contrary, everyone from Gladiator to the Chamber calling for Commission of Enquiry into UDECOTT.

    Jus’ as how you de cut meh tail when I challenged you in 2001, Manning go cut Rowley tail in the PNM Convention.

    But I not taking dat on. Dem PNM will always vote for Manning. Besides, Rowley from Tobago – he and I are both unelectable on our own.

    Take yuh time in London, but come back before yuh case call – yuh on bail and I can’t guarantee that a warrant will not issue for your arrest if you don’t show up – wink wink!


  8. Marcus

    Knowing that Emile Elias was Rowley’s contractor in his Landate, Tobago construction, and that Elias has been angry at being sidelined since his non-completion of the Scarborough Hospital, I had a sneaking suspicion that Elias’ and perhaps other construction companies who are known to extend their contracts at tremendous overruns, had a ‘beef’ with our government, and somehow Rowley fell into the trap that they’ve prepared for the government and UDCOTT. Well, a report in one of the local papers have begun to unearth this plot that caused Rowley’s firing. Poor Rowley has taken a fall for Trinidad’s Construction big-wigs. Lesson to the story – doh buy anybody fire-rage – iz you will get burn.

  9. “While the President in our system can warn or cajole, he cannot instruct the PM and the PNM knows fully well that the President cannot instruct her…So I suppose the PNM is looking at moral suasion and the fact that the President can raise the matter, hoping it might lead to something. “The President can ask but if the Prime Minister says it was Mr (Herbert) Volney at fault, will the President tell her that her information is false?

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