A Letter to CNC 3

Dear CNC 3,

Could you please get your reporter Marcia Braveboy to stop breathing as though she is trying to seduce viewers of your news program? Also, when reporting on the mall, her attire wasn’t even appropriate to be in the mall, where she was reporting, far less for reporting news. That is all.


Your Friend,



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2 responses to “A Letter to CNC 3

  1. Sat Maharaj

    While your’e at it Bas, could you check to see if Charlene Stewart has a work permit.

    Bajans should not be allowed to teach Trini children how to speak English.

    The girl just cannot be bothered to check the pronunciation of Indian names that any Trini is familiar with.

    Cor’ blimey, man.


  2. Pat Hash

    Since when is Charlene Stewart a Barbadian?

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