I Knew It!

I like this news site. They have some interesting facts. Who is in charge? Is it you Samson Nanton? Are you out of the porn industry?



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15 responses to “I Knew It!

  1. Observer

    I don’t know how low you guys will sink in your campaign to defame the prime minister. Did you know that the other person in the picture is PJ Patterson the former prime minister of Jamaica?

    Whoever is doing that site, it is a disgrace as a Trinidadian. Don’t blame that reporter guy. He went back to CNC3 and is behaving himself from all accounts. Just that a few people are calling him “benwood sam” behind his back. His pictures are still on the internet.

    But seriously. Come on. Baby Eater?

  2. I have also heard rumours of the Prime Minister’s baby-eatin’ ways. That may be why abortion is still illegal, more unwanted babies for his dinner table.

    I have also heard, Mr. Panday, that you bash the heads of puppies and kittens.

  3. And I heard that Samson Nanton’s favourite cologne is Curve

  4. trinifakenews

    How observant of you to point out BJ Peterson. You are a disgrace for calling out Sampson Nanton. Mr. Manning and Mr BJ Peterson are both public figures and deserve to be made fun of. Mr. Nanton however simply had the lack of foresight to not record himself and his Delilah. You sir, are a disgrace. It is because of people like you that they keep Mr. Nanton locked away in the backrooms and underground recesses of the CNC3 building. There isn’t even enough light to get a decent photograph in there from a cellphone you know.

    How about being more observant next time and read the about page?
    It’s been made just for people like you.

  5. con-doleezah-rice

    hey pat, wassup..condi here..you know i sym-em-pathize with you cause hey a brotha gotta eat..that’s what i be telling george dubya! i be like GB, instead of us spending money on delectable meats for the Big House parties, let’s just use the stuff that comes from Gitmo and Eye-rack>it’s ALWAYS fresh meat..ttyl, condi

  6. basdeopanday

    Observer, surely you can take some comedy in your life? I was not the one responsible for the picture and I for one am reporting what I see from others. You and I both know that mister Manning does not eat babies. He kicked the habit a long time ago.

  7. basdeopanday

    Shivonne! What a surprise to see you on here, big fan of the show! I sense a blog entry coming on.

    con-doleezah-rice, I do not understand what you are saying. Could you please get a translator?

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