Sasha and Jerry, Sitting in a Studio

It seems as thought this Sasha and Jerry thing is the talk of the town, and since my opinions matter more than anyone on anything even though I may not have any authority on the issue I’ll give the correct take on the issue.

First, let me say how great it was to see that Jerry Narace is the purest of the PNM breed. Talking and talking and talking without giving anyone a chance to talk on their own segment edge-wise is so very typical. Welcome to my world Sasha. When I watched the video all I could think was the only thing missing was she get kicked off the show for using a laptop.

The second thing I want to say is that I am sorry, Sasha. I know you are a big supporter of mine, and you show this in each and every single one of your reports. For that I must thank you, and no, I do not think you have to worry. The people in the country are more concerned with food prices, Facebook and Keisha Cole & T-Pain to notice the bias in your reporting. Take the advice from a BS master, nobody will remember what happened last week. You think anybody remembers that “interview” with the “journalist” Anil Roberts?



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3 responses to “Sasha and Jerry, Sitting in a Studio

  1. Basdeo,

    Now that I have mismanaged the funds of most of your base and pushed my credit union down the bottomless pit of insolvency, yuh think ah cud get ah senator wuk?

    Furthermore, can you, through your connections, ensure that my foreign properties are not exposed to any firm doing a finanical audit of my institution?

    One more slightly embarassing question, is it possible to borrow some money to buy ah doubles?

    Thank you for your always kind consideration.

    Harry Harnarine
    Full time jackass,
    Self Proclaimed Financial Guru and
    President and misleader of the HCU

  2. basdeopanday


    You didn’t already have a senator wuk? I tort any of my friends with money would have been buttered up with some sort of parliamentary position. Not sure how you slipped through the cracks.

    You know how I does drop it, they still can’t come to a conclusion on the London thing, of which I deny any wrong doing. But I do have some advice for you so when I get a free spot I can call you after 10 after adding you on mylime.

    Sorry about the doubles thing, it’s about $4 for one, just wait til after you get the senator wuk.

    Sir Basdeo Panday

  3. Bas,
    Bmobile Bas? Bmobile? I never had you down for a Bmobile kinda guy! And with your money, what you doing with a pre-paid?

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