I Love This Blog

By this blog, I obviously mean my blog. I don’t think I have to tell you my blog is the greatest thing since Kiss Hops. Far be it for me to make your eyes deviate from the splendor that is my blog, but when things are slow here I will allow you to view this blog about Trinidad and Tobago media.

Watch TT Media shows all the atrocities committed by our media. It is to Trinidad and Tobago media what this blog is to the PNM and COP. I love it.

Could someone writing for that blog please contact me? I wanted to submit things but found no way of doing so.



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3 responses to “I Love This Blog

  1. Winston 2012

    I don’t like that site at all!

    They don’t allow comments. What farseness is that?

    I, a representative of the people, want to add my two cents, and they can’t even provide me with a comments box.

    Even the UNC, which I despise, giving we a comments box on this site.

    These people wicked too bad. One day I might start my own blog to talk about it. I not sure Trinidad ready for that yet though.

  2. basdeopanday

    I do not think anyone will be ready for the massive amount of boredom that might result from such a thing.

  3. Mr. Panday, I think you should make a public statement on THIS blog:


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