Laptop Injustice

I hope you all see what I go through for you. I had to go through a terrible ordeal in Parliament. You see, I was trying to go through my usual rounds on my laptop which was just recently fixed, hence my being quiet for quite a while. Patrick as we all know, stopped blogging because he realized I am and always will be better at him in any and everything.

I was on my usual sites, Bossip, Perezhilton, etc. when I was going to update my blog after so long. It turns out Patrick had it out for me. The setup was grand.

The PNM set up the whole thing to make me look bad. They had speaker Barry Sinanan first chastise Gary Hunt for using his laptop. The point was to make it look as though  nobody can use a laptop basically, so when I went about my merry way online they wanted to rest it on me like Akon did to Danah Alleyne in Zen when she went for “ice cream” that time.

But I was defiant.

Of course police had to get involved and whatnot and Ramesh knows as well as I that this is good publicity. We’re going to have a meeting to see how best we can spin this to make me out to look like Nelson Mandela again. I may have a lot more time for blogging since I may be out of parliament until December, though that can change.

The things I do for you.



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