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Mylime and CAPE

I really must apologize for the lack of updates. Ever since I got back into the country I have been hooked on bMobile’s My Lime. I can call Ramesh and Jack and Kamla and even Dooks for free. Even better, I added Winston’s number without him knowing mine, so I keep sending him texts every few minutes. Nothing better than sending “ur party sux lolz” for free.

Now, on to this whole CXC and CAPE fiasco. I have never liked Barbados, where I think the Caribbean Examination Council is, if it isn’t pretend it is since I don’t know how to be wrong. I do not know what it is they are doing with the PNM Government over these leaks that ends up in horrible decisions being made.

How is it you can determine a leak cannot take place in more than one country? Is it that Barbados is so preoccupied with stealing flying fish and other plots that they don’t know about modern technology? Is Rihanna and Chris Brown.

If the exams are being cancelled they would obviously have to be cancelled for everyone, not just one country. Also, if both CAPE and CXC are handled in the same way and are the responisibility of the same body, both CAPE and CXC would have to be redone. Of course, not in a PNM world. So obviously Chris Brown is going to get a distinction in Chemistry when nobody thinks it’s possible to email scans of papers.


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Orange Sky, The Colour Of Unity

I think I should talk about us getting Orange Sky to perform at our big rally. They obviously see the vision of the Alliance, and it makes sense that Orange Sky be the band that performed for us. The reason the sky was orange? It was the colour thanks to the rising sun. Mr. Rojas and I have been friends for a long time. Nigel came to me one day. He was telling me about wanting to start this band and had to come up with a name. I had suggested “Dead Balisierz,” “C.E.P.O.O.P,” and “Hartless Valley” but we decided to go with the UNC theme, rising sun. Thus, Orange Sky was born.

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank, publicly, the band for their showing faith in the future of the country. Countries. Countrii? I usually forget about Tobago? I just remembered I would have to deal with the pain in the ass THA. I think we’ll go through with the idea of selling them to Barbados. More on that another time, if the readers are interested.

Again, thanks Orange Sky.

Would you vote for a party that has the support of moderately successful Orange Sky? Or go for other parties who have radio jingles?

I think the country is really getting what it is I am saying, thanks to the blog. My country, you are welcome.

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