Barbados and Trinidad in Fishing Cahoots?

Barbados’ Prime Minister David Thompson and Patrick Manning are involved in things I do not want to talk about, but I must. During some talks on a new fishing agreement Thompson said:

 “Neither PM Manning nor I am responsible for where fish travel in the Caribbean and all our fishermen want to do is follow them.

This of course comes after Patrick said it would not be unreasonable to have a new agreement within a year. Listen to me: FORGET ALL THAT.

What is happening right under our noses is bigger than anything you, me or Ramesh knew about. Have you ever seen the movies Men in Black? (Oma brought them home years ago thinking they were pornographic.) After seeing these movies you will know exactly what it is these two hoodlums are up to: they’ve formed a secret society comprised of the two of them in which they use a neuralyzer to get other countries in the Caribbean to agree to whatever fishing agreements they want, meaning Trinidad and Barbados may go as they please in any waters and fish to their heart’s content.


Actually, I’m hankering for some Dolphin right now, but this is a word to the wise in Trinidad and Barbados! Stay alert! And of course, I have the pitear to prove what I am saying.


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