Jet Men

I suppose you are all up to your necks in news concerning this multi-million dollar jet that these ridiculous PNM members want to purchase. I think I have kept my silence long enough on the issue. First off, I think it is quite typical of the PNM to brazenly make purchases of this nature. The PNM government is all about spending. Spending, spending and more spending.

I recall when Kamla was the education minister she realized we had to build a lot of schools as we said we would in the budget. She then made it clear that we don’t need to spend as much as we said we would, so we built fewer schools than we said we would and look at us now!

I must admit, if I were to go down in a blaze of glory as I said I pleaded with you to I might be in a similar position as Patrick. I will be totally honest in saying that it is tough travelling about the world. There are arguments that Caribbean Airlines can carry you wherever you need to go, but there are problems with dealing with commercial flights. I see no problem with owning a jet but there are 2 things to consider.

Timing is the first thing. Now may not be the best time to make such a purchase. While it may save time, there really are a lot of things that can be done with this money, perhaps putting it in a London bank account? For the interest, of course. To give back to the country.

The second thing to consider is the type of jet. Raffique Shah says most flights that need to be taken will not even be very far so a cheaper jet may be suitable.

This would not be such a big problem if people voted for the UNC. Frugality is something we know. We would have spent as little as we could and put that money elsewhere, provided the integrity commission doesn’t find out.

But you voted for the PNM, the only jet I am concerned with is getting the high score in Jetman on Facebook.


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One response to “Jet Men

  1. Ramesh

    I wants to let everybody know that it was I/me Ramesh L who cause the plane deal to crash.

    As de facto, de jury, de real leader of the UNC, it was I/me who did blow the whistle on the korup deal.

    If they did want advice on jet, they coulda simple arkse me.

    For instants, I could get a jet to fly to Grenada real quick. And bring me back too. You could make booking long in advants and it dont have to corse you millions of dollars.

    These same jets can fly you even further than Grenada. For instants, if you wants to play golf in America witha millionnaire, you could get a jet to carry you. It cheaper on Labour Day too.

    You could even get a bigger jet to kerry you South Africa ….. FREE! You could go for a weekend, knock on Mandela door and come back. FREE!

    I deklare that is we . U.N.C. that have experients in jet. Jet to go north. Jet to go south. Jet to go west and jet to go east. Jet in dey rookoongootoongkoong.


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