How Am I Doing?

The other day, in between filming some TV ads with Jack I was thinking about the blog. How is the blog doing? Is there something you want more of? Want less of something? What do you want me to blog about? Do you have questions? I am more than willing to answer your emailed questions, just send them to iambasdeopanday at gmail

I was also considering having Jack Warner do some posting here. What do you think?

And my blog is way better than Patos’ one. My one is better.



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7 responses to “How Am I Doing?

  1. wild indian

    i have a question:

    How yuh handlin Hulsie?

  2. Ramesh

    I think you has a good idea about coming with ideas. But how come I wasn’t in the flim with you and Jack?

    I am thinking about starting my own blug just for that. Any ideas send me a email: lawyer4tief@unc.cum or at or


  3. Winston D.

    Yuh know, I really, really cyannot stan allyuh leavin me out.

    I is de significant one here.

    Accordin to my delusion, I is de nex Prime Ministah (at leas dat is what Jerry always tellinmeh).

    If ah wasn’t so indecisive, I coulda have meh own blog long, long time.

    Ah betta ask de fellas to give me one, yes. After all, is dey who writin everyting I say on de platform. Dey could jus cut-an-paste.

    Anyways, I must bid u goodbye before me financiers fin out dat I talking for mehsself.

    Yuh betta doh publish dis nah. I fraid.

    Your meek and humble servant,


  4. Abu Bakr

    Since I tell Mannish not to call my name, he blog gorn quiet. I real put Manners on Mannish.

    Now I coming to torment you Bas.

  5. basdeopanday

    Abu, I dare you to do such a thing. Nobody can silence me. Nobody can silence the UNC! Alliance, I mean UNC Alliance.

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