I Am “Mashed Up”

I have no way to get around this, I have let  you down. How could I be so selfish as to not enrich your lives with what is going on in mine? I attended Mania, Kama Sutra and Beetham fetes, they were quite fun! I found it quite comical when Ramesh told me “my pressure MAD MAD MAD!” at one point in j’ouvert on Monday morning only to find out Tuesday he really did have high blood pressure at St. Clair Medical Complex. It was quite the scare.

It goes without saying that I am very much tired after the Carnival season, but as the old saying goes, the wicked never sleep. Not that I am wicked. I don’t even think that is how the saying goes. Well, it is back to work. Accept my apologies.



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2 responses to “I Am “Mashed Up”

  1. This may not be the proper forum to make this request but desperation trumps proper protocol.

    Could you please consider me for a senator wuk? I know the A in UNC-A is nothing more than window dressing to adorn the tainted image of your dying party and that you care little about the small parties that joined your ‘alliance’ and you crammed the lower house with family members, staunch loyalists and an assortment of reptilian politicians to blindly support your every whim and fancy but please bass bass…ah have nothing else to do..gih me ah wuk nah…ah goh even teach jack how to pronounce long words in meh free time

  2. gillian

    allyuh nominate me for prez??? Now ah wish allyuh did win. I woulda be dey before Hillary, but No Bill.

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