Ra ta Too EE Car Nee Ma Ta

I’m here in India having a bawl because Oma and I went to Karni Mata and well, let’s just say underneath my shoes are less than clean! While we were there, the rats flocked to my feet. You know how they say when foreigners come down and the mosquitoes attack them and nobody else in the area that they sense the new blood? Seems to be the same issue here. Oma became frightened seeing all the rats around me. I honestly believe I could have lied down and they would have taken me all over the place.

I called Ramesh to tell him what had happened and he made a joke about the head rat going home to see the children and they were happy. We had a good laugh over it, then there was an awkward silence. We ended the conversation there.



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3 responses to “Ra ta Too EE Car Nee Ma Ta

  1. ahh family reunions are so nice…

  2. jack

    ah hear yuh come back.

  3. LMAO. This blog is ingenius. Thanks for the laughs.

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