I Actually Agree With The PNM

I have a smile on my face reading about the COP not being allowed into parliament. I don’t even care about the reason, I’m just glad they did it. Oh, how I long to be home again to wreak havoc on them.

Mister Duck and Run then went on to say something about the COP only spending $12 million on the last election while the UNC-A and PNM spent $249 million. I’m not sure what the point he was trying to make was exactly. Perhaps that the COP is inadequate and should not be allowed to enter parliament? That seems like it.



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2 responses to “I Actually Agree With The PNM

  1. jack

    Ah get nuthin for de money ah spend

  2. ent yuh get ah dollar…

    when ba throw de fete fuh carnival dat guh pay yuh entrance fee

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