Ramesh Wet Himself

Yesterday UNC A Chief Whip Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj expressed relief at Government’s announcement that it did not intend to block the UNC A’s application to have crime debated by the House of Representatives this afternoon.

“I am really relieved that the Government does not suspend the Order Paper (agenda) as it did at the Opening of Parliament, that it does not intend to repeat its conduct in suspending items on the Order Paper,” Maharaj said, referring to the recent controversy over the sudden adjournment of the House at that opening and the skipping of several items on the Order Paper.

With regard to Parsanlal’s comments that by claiming Government would try today to suspend the business of the House, Maharaj had been caught with his pants down, the Chief Whip quipped: “The criminals have left the pants of the Government down for the last seven years and so far the criminals have the Government pants down, so the issue is really whether in the debate

Ramesh, Newsday

Some behind the scenes info: Ramesh has a bladder control problem and from what I heard, this time he REALLY lost control, saying “I Am Relieved” out loud. When asked about it, he said what you read above. Does he know how to spin a sticky(, or should that be wet?) situation? Only from the UNC-A.



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5 responses to “Ramesh Wet Himself

  1. like ramesh relly belong to the peeeeeNM

  2. basdeopanday

    Ah, how humorous!

  3. so bas alluh throwin ah next dollar fete this year fuh carnival ?

  4. basdeopanday

    It would seem so. I have been so busy lately. More info in the future.

  5. wild indian

    I hear snakes generally have bladder control issues

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