ARIMA MP Pennelope Beckles’ income from Parliament will be slashed from $50,000 to roughly $20,000 per month when the former Public Utilities and Environment Minister assumes the new duty of deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives next Monday.

This is revealed in the Salaries Review Commission (SRC) 80th Report posted on the parliamentary website. Beckles will earn a basic salary of $14,700 and a transport allowance of $3,450 to $3,550, with the chance of an extra $2,000 per month for chairing a parliamentary joint select committee (JSC) as intended by Prime Minister Patrick Manning, giving her a total salary of $20,200.

Newsday Article

Well, can’t say this is surprising. News reports of Penelope taking a pay cut is interesting, but I do know the reason why this has happened. Remember wen Penelope put that album out? Apparently she was signed to PNM records and the album when the album dropped, it did just that: drop and drop and drop. It debuted at number 37438 on the Billboard charts with  3 copies sold. Meanwhile Kamla outdid her, as if it’s any surprise selling a respectable 7 copies.

PNM records needed to recoup their investment and now we are left with Penny’s pay-cut. $30, 000 less per month is a big deal, but who cares? She’s probably going to “make” that much by “other means” anyway. She’ll have to deal with that Ratty-ass offer.
I’m still on vacation but had to speak with you since I am your Prime Minister of choice, after all.



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6 responses to “Penny-less

  1. Penny

    do worry ah moonlighting now. Panday fuh de right price ah could make Barry go away 4 ever.

  2. cross de floor penny bas guh handle yuh **wink**

  3. wild indian

    Penny doh get no vibe, ah kno some producers go produce a little track fuh yuh in ah timin, a good one …like ah road march contenda or someting

  4. don

    Penelope Beckles has lost my respect and has no credibility as an objective purveyor of parliament as she condones all abuses and has no experience in that public arena to address discrimination and abuse as she herself is a racist demeaning man disguised as a women and pretends to be gentile and competent. The wajang attitude she displays is a pit bull with rabies and parallels hazel and their women in the pnm who abuse others for personal gain and as petty juvenile delinquent autocratic incompetents using their practice of easy win elections through corruption habitual manipulation of information and are people with malicious intentions. Ms beckles stalks persons to demean them and has her other hobby of professing her virginity until she lost it 2 years ago at the tender age of 52? she about that old. Scheming ages a persons. Get some standards and cease your dehumanization and humiliation of citizens with selective use of info for personal gain. You really are a bitch. Is this how people must seek protection from bitches like you?

  5. don

    An adendum to penelope’s rule. She must have found that man quite quietly as he materialized from nothing and was probably paid to marry her to stop people from calling her gay. She also avidly plays mas and mocks people whom do not since becoming involved in politics and has the police to protect her delicate person unlike the women she abuses in her job. Ms Beckles is a tyrant but lacks the the power to function or be ethical unless she kisses the mannings ass and looks like one. She has followed them for decades and is nothing but a chess piece for them.

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