Ramesh’s Troops

I’m vacationing here in London and reading what’s going on home. So Ramesh has taken it upon himself to call a meeting on the first set of legislation on the Parliamentary Order Paper. Whatever that is.

I hope he remembers first and foremost to give the PNM hell. Make me proud while I am out of the country. I am supposed to be in India when my vacation is over. More on that in the future.

I just hope the troops he calls upon decide to stand tall!



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3 responses to “Ramesh’s Troops

  1. kamla

    wait na ah thought jack was in charge.

  2. Bump Bump Bump

    Who cares Panday!
    Don’t you know the boys from B2K were molested?!
    Distract the people with this rubbish while Ramesh tief some money! People love to hear about boys being touched!

  3. jack playing mas in central

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