I Still Want To Know!

Do the police have the necessary resources to continue their job? If they are to continue as they are I would expect some measures to be put in place:

  •  Contract with Donut Boys to allow for more types of doughnuts to be delivered to stations
  • Nicer chairs for police to sit on all day
  • More dilapidated stations for officers to have an excuse for not working 5% of the time

I could think of more, but I have a meeting with Ramesh now, we’re going to try to pull one more stunt before the year is over.


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2 responses to “I Still Want To Know!

  1. Stunter

    I have a good stunt

    Ask all the homeless to chain themselv to the mansion gates on Christmas Day

    and lead them in a chorus of Amazing Grace

  2. sela

    That’s a fair question Bas.

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