Fracas Pitear


Just in case you didn’t believe me about the whole Church’s chicken thing, Ramesh said someone gave him this camera-phone pitear. I think it is all very clear, it even shows me after I picked up a cup off the floor. I care about the environment, you know. Al Gore and I play checkers online.

Also, the story has gone international.



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4 responses to “Fracas Pitear

  1. wild indian

    how Jack lookin like he thirstin’ after d chicken so?

  2. anand

    wat ramesh luking at???? It look like he staring lower than the hand.

  3. Ramesh


    I just hear Patrick say he thing bigger than Bas ting? Impossible! I exclaimed.

    Bendier, pointier, maybe. But never bigger.

    But, you know what? Is true what Hazel say. It bendier, pointier AND bigger and it have balisier coming out from the side like a oversize ponsettia tree in December.

    Beats me. I give up. Bas give up. Everybody give up. Even the CJ give up.

    I hear when he show Henderson he thing, the DPP had was to tell everybody what he see. He acktually tort was a scar!


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