Mansion Maniac

Oh no, the emperor is in the mansion. I hear Hazel is hiring a team of gardeners to plant the bush of the PNM logo all throughout the yard. When Ramesh confronted Patrick about this, guess what his reaction was!?


And it goes without saying I am back. TSTT’s Blinking service has been horrid. Ramesh! Get on that! Worst tech support ever!



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6 responses to “Mansion Maniac

  1. Ram ah see u done start to wuck boi…

    imagine when the old silver fart tite on red wine fuh the xmas u wuckking on all kinda motion to prerssure the peeeNM

    and still u eh get ah pitear as yet pon dis site…

  2. Hazel

    So what wrong with manicuring the lawn? Mr. Panday plant all colour flag and nobody do nothing.

    Anyway, I was wanting to say that Patrick looks cute with his hair pointing to Heaven like that.

    Let me hear what Mr. Hinn will say now.


  3. Ramesh

    Mistress Manning,

    You dind know where he wanted to put he flag? You wouldna be able to hold down your breakfasses when he did finish with you.

    Anyway, under de constitushion it are prohibited for any person, alive or dead, to configurate the lorn of the Prime Ministerial mansion.

    I am planning to move a moshion in the Privee Counsel to get the necessary habeass corpass to summon the constitushional obligashion to desist from any appertaining constitushional detractions.

    In other words, I moving a constitushional moshion against everything.

    If it rain, you in court. If Lynette sneeze, you in court. I have court cloze to bun.

    I have Adesh in training for you nennen too. As soon as he finish Inglish lessons I giving him law lessons gratice. Free, free, free.

    In fack, is I advise my dear friend and brother and pardner in crime and confidantee to walk with de wash rag for when Patrick shake his hand in parliment.

    Who else you tort did do that?

    I is a legal and politickal jeaniass. Me. I. Moi.

    RLM Esq.

    LLB, MIA (Grenada), SOS (Mervyn Hall University), T.I.E.F (Dukhani Laloo Honours Award)

  4. lawdd and rain fall today eh…

  5. sela

    As usual Ramesh you’re off to a banging start. BY De way how di case wit yuh bruther?

  6. vidiot

    u a holes are brain-washed! The reason Manning is still in power is because ur god panday is anal retentive, psycho who would sacrifice his others for power! You punks are sad. Photoshop ain’t changing jack!

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