Skin Head


Oh, you thought I was lying about him having no part? Shame. I never lie, you know. That you know of.


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12 responses to “Skin Head

  1. wild indian

    I knowed it all along!

    d dome look a lil like a pencil eraser doh … Rowley’s is sexier I think

  2. Hazel

    I finds he looks handsome.

  3. how rowley get patios ols galsses ?

    hazel calm yuh self…

  4. Hazel


    You just jealous your head don’t have the same sexy curve at the top and smooth going up the side – just like … you know what … (wink, wink, wink).


  5. basdeopanday

    Curved? Wink? Hazel, please refrain from talking about Sampson Nanton.

  6. Maco

    Y does this look like a picture of Manning’s son who is bald?

    You all paste the son’s head on him.

  7. place realy quiet like alluh in parliment ?

  8. Ramesh

    I well geeh dem in parliment. When I finish wid dem they will need a constitushional moshan to get out of it.

    Crime plan in dey rookoongkootoonkoong.

    Patrick, I am baaaaack. Suck my socks.


  9. Robin


    That’s me!!! I invented that.

    So, Ramesh, go suck my socks and lick Basdeo rotten toenail.


  10. whayys man bas like patios de dig he nose or sumthing b4 de hand shake

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