Ramesh And The Crime Crusade

I’ve been resting quite a lot lately. There has not been much TV to watch what with the writer’s strike.

I’ve taken to listening to music, and I must say I love that new Curtis CD. How many videos did 50 Cent actually put out? Madness, I tell you. He has videos for Straight to the Bank, Amusement Park, I get money, Follow my lead, Ayo Technology and I still will. 6 videos. Some people don’t even get that many videos off 2 albums! But I digress…

Ramesh is on his crusade. We were talking about it the other day and he told me he was annoyed that people were not talking about him really, in the news. This annoyed him terribly. So he came up with some march and protest.

Maharaj told the small crowd of villagers gathered underneath a resident’s home that if the Government is not acting, then he will go to the courts to compel the Government to act.

The thing people don’t understand is that  it is very important for your Government to be diverse in what they do. Since the fall of Yangatang/Maljo Kaiso, there have not really been many venues for the government to act. Perhaps they should approach Synergy TV? Peter C. Lewis knows a few things about acting important, they could get advice from him. If it’s one thing the UNC-Alliance knows is how to act. Remember those commercials with Jack and myself where we looked like we cared about people and the isuues and all that BS? Acting.

He continued, “Radical action is needed to deal with radical problems.”

This news has a double meaning, actually. While it won’t be announced for some time, my blog readers are first to find out that the UNC-Alliance has entered a partnership with RADICAL DESIGNS!

Maharaj told the gathering that he is organising a march from Tabaquite to Chaguanas to Port-of-Spain for seven days, from January 18 to 25, adding that he will sleep wherever he has to during the march. The march is in protest of rising crime levels in the Tabaquite constituency and all citizens are encouraged to take part.

Of course, Ramesh will be home most of the time, and when he there he will be in the backsteat of a car. Don’t worry, when he’s home he’ll be on the phone with someone actually walking. Yes, we are willing to spend that kind of money to pretend to be with people walking in the hot sun for no reason at all. That and we are putting bmobile’s My Lime to good use, Ramesh really wants a Playstation 3 and he needs the Bells to enter the competition.

I asked Ramesh if he thought anyone would figure out that was the real reason for all of this, so he could have an excuse to call someone to get Bells, to win a Playstation 3 and he said not to worry, so I am taking his word on it.

What have I missed that you would like my infinite wisdom on?



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5 responses to “Ramesh And The Crime Crusade

  1. Ramesh


    You arkse me for the crime plan which you want to annonx in parlement. I ent get Adesh to work on the English yet, but I wants to give you a sneek peek.

    1. If police eh do they work. Take them to court.

    2. If the criminals dont get ketch. Take them to court.

    3. If the govament dont do anyting about it. File a constitshional moshan and take them to court.

    4. If crime dont stop after that. Then it have to be God fault. Take he to court too.

    By the way, you still want Dhanraj to help with the plan too? He have a few ideas, but I cant get him to stop wining he belly.

    He say he done talk to Carlos and Ish and Steve and Brian and Finbar and Oma and they willing to help. We have resauces to spear!!!!!


  2. basdeopanday

    Carlos not in jail? I would have sworn. At any rate, I think we need more points, Ramesh. What about something in case certain members the opposition are sentenced to prison in any way? Something to
    “overcome” this would be nice.

  3. sela

    How is it that Kamla never comments on your blog?? Is it because you banished her from siting beside you in Parliament?

  4. Winston 2012


    If Kamla had joined the COP. Maybe we would have prevailed.

  5. ent she still busy making roti…

    she get ah big order from all the drones who gonna walk with the twist mouth pirate.

    aye ram how long Tabaquite under UNC/ULF control ?

    ah feel alluh need ah mirror…sheit de COP/PNM buy out all

    ah guh talk to santa for alluh

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