Patrick Is A Lying Liar

I don’t know why people let this man go on and on with his lies. Look at the Newsday headline. I have done my part

What a load! I know for a fact Patrick doesn’t do his own hair. Not only that, he doesn’t even have a part. He has a mini-fro if anything.



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8 responses to “Patrick Is A Lying Liar

  1. wild indian

    patrick is ah bald head!!!

  2. basdeopanday

    I have the proof and will show off the pitear soon.

  3. Trini

    By 2020 :-

    T&T would be one big massive traffic jam

    Streets would be deserted after sundown

    Nightlife would be non-existent

    People would pay to play mas in enclosed areas like the Stadium, since the streets would not be safe

    Small business would close and send staff home because people would not be able to afford to eat out

    Then the Syrians will buy out their properties

    Murders and kidnappings will continue

    People will return their cable boxes, and antennas on top of homes will reappear

    Price Smart will introduce a Gold Card for PNM friends and family and CEPEP contractors

    The Water Taxi project will be promised by 2025

    Everyone under 25 will be a graduate of the University of T&T, but will be unemployable anywhere in the world

    UTT will still be spending millions on God knows what

    A Panday will still control Indian votes

    The sugar workers will still be waiting on their lands

    Most of their lands will be bought by Syrian businessmen

    The Police Service will introduce credit card and ATM facilities at Police Stations for easy payment

    High rise buildings in POS will remain unoccupied

    The Interchange Project will be stopped until the Commission of Enquiry into corruption is finished

    Belgroves will open a kiosk at the Casualty Unit of all the main Hospitals

    A doubles will turn into a singles, and be a once a week treat

    Kiss Bakeries will introduce a sliced hops

    The US and Canada will stop issuing visas to Trinis

    Natural gas reserves will run out

    Three smelters will be killing our people, but the environmentalists of the NW Peninsula will only be concerned with re-afforestation and landing some big UN job

    There will be a demand for Jamaican and Guyanese dollars

    The Piarco Airport corruption trial will enter its 2564th day of hearing

    Dookeran will write newspaper columns from his home in Canada

    Indians will be purged from the public service and Jennifer Baptiste will be smilingly silent

    All persons south of the Caroni will have to buy a monthly pass or pay a toll to drive into POS

    Manning will be Executive President for life

    The rich will get richer

    The poor will get poorer

    The middle class will disappear

    The PNM will continue tiefing and denying that we are a failed State


  4. Bigger Trini


    You went and waste your vote on Panday and dem again?

    When you will learn?

    The Bigger Trini

  5. Trini

    It does not matter who I voted for.

    Once some people see themselves as “Bigger” or “Better” or “Badder” or “Smarter” Trinis, we will all continue to swim in the same shit.

    One day you might learn.

  6. Bigger Trini

    Of course it matters if you voted for Mook or Crook. You would be just as immoral and racist if you did either.

    Whose shit is it we are swimming in? TRINI SHIT. Shit expelled by all of us. Not just the Syrians who you seem to have a problem with as an ethnic group.

    Scratch the surface of some of you guys and you find racist muck. In other words – the shit we are wallowing in.

    The Bigger Trini

  7. lol @ the sliced hops…oh gorm..

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