How About I DON’T Shut Up?

Mr. Manning seems to be totally unable to think for himself in any capacity whatsoever. When the idiot King of Spain told the wonderful Hugo Chavez to “shut up” it sent shivers up my spine that such disrespect would be directed to such a great man. Now when I have finally been able to think of something to say (I do love the sound of my own voice) Mr. Manning wants to tell me the same. I have a better idea, how about I don’t? Don’t like it? Well, you don’ have a choice.

“I could easily invoke the comments of the very distinguished King of Spain when he was dealing with the President of Venezuela,” Manning quipped.

Patrick Manning, Insult Thief

Patrick, when you can come up with some insults on your own, please contact me and I will be happy to hear, then ignore. Don’t take too long, since we look forward to the convening of parliament. Your lack of planning has already resulted in an earthquake, but what Ramesh and I have in store is sure to rock your world.



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6 responses to “How About I DON’T Shut Up?

  1. Mamoo Patch

    bas when is the next lime down south hoss ?

  2. basdeopanday

    I will make a post when the time is right.

  3. sela

    where’s the picture of Hugo in your hero lineup?

  4. Disappointed

    God, talk about ass kissin’
    “…the very distinguished King of Spain”

  5. Ramesh


    I is disappointed. Chavez? Chavez? Since when you like he?

    How much law he ever pass? How much people he ever hang? How much people land he ever get for fees? How much coup he ever plan? Eh? One and he get ketch.

    He didn’t even get the plane out of Caracas before they ketch he. He coulda reach Margarita even before I reach Grenada.

    I don’t see what you see in he. He ent even ah Indian.


  6. Ram yuh right eh…you is de man..

    the one and only twisty pirate…

    bas give de man ah bly and post he pictear pon (young ppl talk) dis website

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