Note To Self

Basdeo, remember to do a few things.

  • Blame the lack of posting on the blog on an injury you will talk about in another point.
  • Blame the lack of posting on the blog on government not being in session.
  • Blame the lack of posting on the blog on being tired and a little spaced out after the Sean Kingston concert.
  • Blame not having a voice on booing so much at the Sean Kingston concert.
  • Buy the Sean Kingston CD so you can know what the other songs were Sean Kingston sang, realizing they were good songs making you feel bad for booing.
  • Explain to people you were in Zen to see Sean Kingston and wanted to look cool, so you got Ramesh to go on the top floor with Jack to make it rain, only to realize jack brought a bag of quarters, not singles, dropping it from above, landing on your foot, leading to an injury that has kept you away from blogging.
  • Remind people you will resume posting regularly when more interesting things happen.


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2 responses to “Note To Self

  1. Winston 2012

    I go take over for you.

    It have some financial policies I want to chew over with your readership.

    Hold on, I just want to find out how to post graphs in de comments

  2. Patrick Manning

    The seer woman tell me doh do nuttin until March.

    So ah close me secret blog, and I delaying de Parliament, allyou lucky I didn’t decide to move Christmas as well.

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