The Right Mentality.

I just had to comment on some of the intelligence I have seen displayed here, on the Trinituner forums. People like this make me proud to be doing what I am doing., and for you no less.

 so in a nutshell, 2 men showed up at an appartment near uwi. presented some form of ID stating they were t&tec employees. told the girls renting there that the landlord made a report of low voltage in the building and they were assigned to check it out. being properly/professionally dressed and presenting what appeared to be valid ID, the girls let them in. they went around the apartment inquiring what appliances they had etc. eventually the girls found it suspicious that the men kept on asking if they had laptops and where they were located in the appartment. the girls said no, although they did and then eventually realised that their phones which were in their rooms were missing. they told the men to give the phones back to them, but the men started cussin and carryin on. they eventually left, and one of the girls (whose mother, father and sister are all police officers) was able to get the car number… thank god nothing happened to the girls.. it could have been worse, but nevertheless… vote pnm

to all the people who vote pnm or cop… fcuk all ah allyuh. u are alll a$$#0les…

Trinituner Forum 

Thank you! As we are painfully aware,  had the votes been swayed in favour of the UNC, none of these murders would be taking place, crime would automatically go down to essentially nothing. At least there are some intelligent people who know what is what. I just don’t know how else to put it. Voting for the UNC would mean we would find no bodies in trunks, nobody being killed, UWI would be safe to walk around naked and babies would not be stolen from hospitals.



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6 responses to “The Right Mentality.

  1. sela

    oh bas if you won you would have donned your trusty cape and saved the day.

  2. Ranicou Meport

    Thank god for we PNM yes gyul.

    Dem Indian and dem talking too much schupidness.

  3. wild indian

    Bas, if you had won … would there have been red berets for all?

  4. shrew297

    If Patrick didn’t have that ridiculous idea of a computer for every household that incident would have never happened. For all we know them uwi people probably voted PNM too. I hope they looked in the mirror after the bandits left.

  5. Ramesh


    I dont know how you does handle all of this, you know. If I was you I woulda find out people ISP and send the ‘boys’ after them. Wink, wink … you know who I mean, right?

    We does still talk, you know. You realise I never play my tapes?

    Stupid fools!!! If we did win, people woulda get free money. Crime woulda come to a stop. I woulda pass a single law, bringing together all the legislations in the country, a single law that woulds say: STOP CRIME.

    Tell me, why nobody ever think about that? A single law that could stop every single crime. Instead of one law to stop rape, one to stop kidnapping. You feel Anand coulda come up with that idea?

    If Bhoe was still on the job I woulda get a honoraree ducktarate.

    When I take over the UNC I will get somebody to give me an honoraree ducktarate.

    One love for one law!


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