New Money


This is almost enough to get me to not take it without permission! Almost!



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3 responses to “New Money

  1. Mamoo Patch

    nice looking water mark

  2. Winston 2012

    Young man,

    Drawing on dollars is not funny.

    As a former Central Bank official, I disapprove.

    Why mock our great nation by putting the Mad Magazine man on our dollar? So what, how is that funny? Alfred E. Neumann with his big round ears, stick out ears and enormous grin. What that have to do with Trinidad.

    Although, I like the manatee watermark. I often think it should be our national animal, the noble, gentle sea-cow.

    Something for me to ponder on 2012 no doubt.

  3. Ramesh


    Who is you? We give you a wuk and that is how you treat we? We make you guvenore to cuss we after?

    Well, in accordance with provisions of a affidavid I got my friend Karl to sign, I hereby, theretofor, hereafter, habeus corpse declareth that you is a mudder rass.

    I will get Bas to talk about you in the next meating. I will get him to talk about how we fix you up for politics and how you never was in Trinidad.

    You have Canadian passpote or what?

    One constitutional motion in your rass. Then I will get Nealco to fly you off to Grenada. Is a nice flight. But they not bringing you back (like how they take me out in time and bring me back in 1990).


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