Front Page Again

It’s not that I like to gloat, but I am so much better than you. I am on the front page of yet again. In business no less. Why? Because Basdeo means business.




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7 responses to “Front Page Again

  1. Winston 2012

    I wish I had a blog.

    Somehow, no matter how hard I try, Patos and Bas does get dey before me.

    I only now thinking about a COP retreat. At least I got my Hi5 game on lock. Yeah I’m making it rain on you hoes on the social networking.

  2. Mamoo Patch

    dooks how de canada wuck (apple picking ) going borse ?

  3. coolie

    mamoo..mikela make a pass yet?

  4. Mamoo Patch

    she and daddy had ah lil session sunday gorne by a lil hideout ah mine..

    some padners storm them meet and hug up and thing

  5. Winston 2012

    Sigh. Mamoo patch, things hard with me yes.

    Roy gone and lose he wuk, well I don’t know what I could do for him because I cyah even find a l’il ends for mehself. I dodging Marlene Coudray because she fire the wuk to come to COP, and now we lose. To top it all off, I made a little jest with Anand that like he gaining weight, and now he vex with me too.

    Why Bharath don’t step down self, so ah old man could get a seat?

    He have no shame man. Even on the train self in Kanada, it does have sign saying seat reserve for the elderly.

  6. coolie

    winston, have faith my friend. you can get some canadian punanny to revive you before u come strong again as our leader after the next 5 years.

  7. Mamoo Patch

    and rememeber the CAN$ higher in value than the USD

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