See What I Told You?

Do you see what I told you!? My blog readers get the exclusive, as Ramesh is chief whip. Newsday is now getting wind. Interesting to note as well in the article.

As a senator, Rambachan would be entitled to benefits such as $300,000 loan facility to buy a new or used car tax free, a monthly travelling allowance of $2,000 and a monthly allowance of $1,000 if he has to serve as a member of a parliamentary joint select committee.

I am not aware of any maxis costing $500 per week, but say what? Who’s going to check?


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One response to “See What I Told You?

  1. Winston 2012


    Don’t get schoopid now eh.
    $2000 is to reimburse for running cost, gas, driver etc for a vehicle over the annum.

    I find you too bold, why Suruj must take maxi?
    He might get kidnap like they try to do me in Sea lots!

    Suruj, the COP will welcome u with open arms…is not too late! Bring Kamla too. UNC-A is a sinking ship.

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