Donation, Donation

I received an email from David, asking if I would partake in his project donating money to support people with learning disabilities. I was regretful in telling him that my current financial situationg has left me in a position leaving me unable to make any sort of financial transaction any other way than cold hard cash.

The reason for all of this is, of course, being the money spent on ads and on putting a roof over my head . I’m now in debt almost, so do me a favour and if any of you think you could manage to donate, please do so.


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7 responses to “Donation, Donation

  1. Are you sure that this isn’t a spam scam? I got a comment on my blog from this guy about this. He’d never commented or visited before.

    I would not advertize this if I were you, unless you know the fellow and the charity he claims to support.

  2. If I were to claim that I need donations to help retarded children, will you put up a front page post and redirect people to my site?

    It’s for the children.

  3. basdeopanday

    Well, we cannot tell. I’ll leave it up to the people to decide if it is legitimate or not.

  4. Winston 2012

    The last time you leave ting up to the people was November 5……and look what happen!

  5. shrew297

    Once I know this is to help Jack and his speech impediment, I will personally see to it that that blasted ungrateful Roy Augustus and all the other people Jack has assisted in his lifetime donate through their noses. Apart from that, doh ask me fuh nutten. I only so far away from poverty mehself.

  6. Winston 2012


    I hate to say this borse…but things a little tight these days…

    Yuh could buy a COP shirt off me for $10? Help a bhai out nah.

  7. David Manning

    Again, I am asking you for a donation.

    Do not turn me down again or I will tell.

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