Ramesh, The Chief Whip

I’m no rumor monger, but the Newsday is saying that Ramesh is to be chief whip. I am remaining tight-lipped, but like Inshan Ishmael’s lack of education you all pretty much know it even if nobody comes right out and say it. So, let me just say that it is pretty much certain Ramesh will be announced as the chief whip of the United National Congress. Alliance! Yeah, can’t forget that, right?

Now, I need to tell you, this decision is subject to change, but say what, I’ll tell you what, I love my blog readers so much I will bestow upon you the advanced knowledge of who it is. Yes, Ramesh will be chief whip. Even better, I will tell you how Ramesh came to be Chief Whip. He managed to get hold of the official Chief Whip costume and re-did the lyrics to “Whip It” so you may now get a taste of our new official Chief Whip theme song. Oma, Jack and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves the other night as he performed for us. How could we say no to that?

I have to mention though, Kamla was a bit perturbed  to hear Ramesh singing,afraid Ramesh would be giving her competition.

I do enjoy this pitear.


Whip It (Sparta Verzion) by Two-face Ram

Crack that whip
Don’t let your tongue slip
Plan your attack
Check (cheque) in Oma’s bank

When a problem comes along
You must whip it
You’ll lead before too long
You must whip it
Doesn’t matter if you’re wrong
You must whip it
(Jus now Bas goin’ and fall dong)
(You mus whip it)

now whip it
into shape
shape it up
get Landate
go forward
move ahead

hire detectives
it’s not too late
to whip it
whip it good

when jack and kamla come arong
you must whip it
you must always fight them dong
you must whip it
no one gets their way
cause you’ll whip it

I say whip it
whip it good (x 2)



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5 responses to “Ramesh, The Chief Whip

  1. Oma

    Ooooooooooh, Ramesh … you make me quiver.

    I already feel that whip like Basdeo long, crooked tongue wrapping me in my desire.

    Feels almost as good as another mil in my account. Like another scholarship for the girls (even though they don’t need another scholarship).

    Feels as good as putting Bill in parliament and dollar bills in my brassiere. Bring it on Ram. Bring the whip. Crack that whip on my fat backside.


  2. Winston 2012

    What a rude impersonation of Oma.

    I hope you aren’t a COP, in fact Yetming is that you? I told you all leave me alone when I am blogging.

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  4. Mamoo Patch

    two face like u get the herp to pen dat chuneee for you

  5. Julia Benedict

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