Sometimes when I have a serious situation to deal with and I’m not sure what to do, I simply ask myself: “What would Basdeo Panday do?” When I do this, it all comes to me and my problems magically find solutions.

So, I have this CORPSE problem. They split my vote, they made me NOT be Prime Minister again. What does Basdeo do?

Ramesh said something that gave me a great idea.

Perhaps we should offer Winston a Senator post, that could heal this division of voters. I’ll look like a caring, humble opposition leader while Winston gives up all he is fighting for at the CORPSE and comes back to the UNC much like Ramesh did about 4,352 times. Maybe then I could find some fault with Winston (I’m good at making up faults in people after all) and I could revoke the job. Then Winston would be screwed for local Government elections.

This sounds too good to be true, if it were to happen. Then again, I’m just asking what Basdeo would do. It’s not like I’m capable of anything like that, I’m not him.



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6 responses to “WWBPD?

  1. Mamoo Patch

    ah doh think dooks will take de bait bas..

    bess u schedule talks for the local govt

  2. Ramesh


    The real question is … WWRD?

    Don’t ever forget what Ramesh can do! I would start with ah affidavid. I knows a few fellas from Orange Valley who could swear good. I could get ah affidavid.

    Hear what the affidavid would say. “I hereby swears that WD was in the coop.” You hear that? You cant remember is Abu wanted he to be Prime Minister? That mean he was in the coop.

    Kamla say, “but if they ketch you doing that?” I say, is simple. You never hear how rat does eat evidence? You never hear files disappere?

    She say: “so what happen if the fellas from Orange Valley decide to sell you out?”

    I say who, dem tree? – Mervyn? Hall? Charlie? Nah, they eh go do that. And even if they does … I has a few partners who know WWRD

    That is WWRD.


  3. basdeopanday

    Ramesh, I curse the day you and I discovered marijuana.

  4. Winston 2012

    I was not in the coop.
    I in the COP.

    Shucks man, allyuh only picking on me.

    Just because I make all yuh lose the election, yuh only teasing meh teasing meh.

    I going to tell meh mammy, and the other 14300o people that voted for the coop.

  5. basdeopanday

    Winston, please remove yourself from my blog. Get your own. Matter of fact, don’t, I think the internet might implode because of the boringness.

  6. Winston 2012

    If I go, doh beg me to come back you hear.
    UNITY don’t work so. COP don’t work so.

    As for a Senatorial Post, Ramesh I would not even acksept ah JANITORIAL Post working for you.

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