That Meeting Friday

Don’t forget we have that meeting coming up on Friday. I know how people feel in the country. Elections come around and they are ready to get up and fight and do whatever they can for their party, but as soon as elections are over, they devolve into some sort of vegetative state. Find yourself at my meeting Friday. The UNC is a well-oiled machine, in which case I can give you a hint as to what we will be unveiling.




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4 responses to “That Meeting Friday

  1. Mamoo Patch

    bas so ramesh gonna sing chutney in the house ah hear he want to hot it up

  2. Winston 2012

    So childish.

    You all play with cartoon robot. We have Gary Griffiths. Who is cyborg from the waist down, I will have you know.

  3. basdeopanday

    Ramesh is singing, but not chutney

    Winston, I only know about me, Jack, Kamla and Ramesh. Who is Gary Gremlin?

  4. Winston 2012

    You know who he is.

    Ah For COP’s ex-Captain

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