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Have you noticed? I added an “Accolades” section to the site. It was only fair that all the lovely things said about me be preserved for all to see. If you are lucky, you could be included there as well. How would you go about being in contention for inclusion? By the new area of the site allowing you to contact me, of course. It may be daunting speaking to me out in the open, and I may not see your message in the barrage of comments, so you now have a direct method of contacting me. You are welcome.



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2 responses to “Site Information

  1. Ramesh

    Yes, yes, that’s all nice. But why should this blog be all about you?

    Anyway, I was thinking about fixing dat and I come up with an igneous solution. Move Mandela pictear off the banner and put mines.


  2. greypatch

    sounds good give the pirate ah bly nah bas

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