I Now Get It


Yes, it’s all coming to me now. The COP wasn’t made to go against me. It wasn’t made because people thought they had a better vision for the country then the UNC-A or the PNM. No, it was made for a bunch of pussies to get together and hug like the hippies they are. The CORPSE seems to be wanting to stick around. So be it, but really, the corpse should be removed, or we will do it ourselves.



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17 responses to “I Now Get It

  1. Nelitza

    lol@ you calling them a bunch of pussies… Bas you kow you just jealous you ent get no hug! huh! or maybe just jealous you ent get invited :S but whatever yes…i just glad they sticking around…gives us some hope :)…And no Bas you couldn’t do that if you tried :S

  2. Kamla

    Mr. Panday,

    Hippies? Pussies? You didn’t say that when you and Ramesh hug up. You didn’t say that when you and Jack was on the plane alone.

    I declare by the powers vested in me as head of the roti-makers and juice-makers arm of the UNC-A(asses) that you, Mr. Panday, are the pussy.

    I didn’t get AG, I didn’t get to act as PM, I didn’t get Political Leader, I didn’t get Chief Whip. But, is okay, next time.


  3. basdeopanday

    Kamla get off the blog NOW! It is almost 10AM and I have yet to sample any Baigan Choka.

  4. Ramesh

    bas, what happen, like oma dont cook for u no mo’?
    she face lookin real hard dese days, what is de scene with that?

  5. Mikela

    Ramesh, shut yuh ass, yuh wife lookin fat like buelah, and u talkin

  6. Winston 2012

    I said to the press I would be keeping a close watch on all you.

    Mr Panday
    I watching you harder than Watchman reading a Watchtower which watching de second hand on he second hand watch

    Your hero,
    Watchsome Dookeran

  7. basdeopanday

    You hippies are annoying.

  8. Winston 2012

    Yes here in COP we are lovers not fighters.

    Look how Anand eyebrow cocked….and he giving everyone a look of love.

    Cut those two women out of the photo, and that is what you see. COP men. Loving men.

    Men who are for COP, and want you to be for COP too.

  9. basdeopanday

    Mickela, what did I tell you? Don’t speak to Ramesh, if you stare your mouth will get twisted too. Listen, girl.

    Winston, please refrain from using my blog. This blog is for winners.

  10. Patrick Manning

    And Winners vote PNM!

  11. Winston 2012

    ^ so based on that, Pat voted for me!

  12. Mamoo Patch

    aye mikela how come me eh see u pass through oropouche west to thank the ppl….esp tulsa and gopie trace

  13. coolie

    Mamoo, u think Mikela ha time with allyuh

  14. Mamoo Patch

    boi coolie…if you see she walking through the area..hugging up man oman and chirren…

    after she win nada…and the UNC-A in big press release say ALL canidates had tank you rallies..

    she one was prob by the bar

  15. coolie

    dem ppl from by u get chain up by she…ah glad u eh get chain up too…or u get chain up mamoo?

  16. greypatch

    de mamoo doh get chain up at all hoss

  17. Goat


    Anand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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