Local Government Election Meeting

Listen, we never sleep. Never. In fact, I am pretty sure Kamla is a vampire, or a lajabless. On Friday we are going to have a meeting for local government elections. Sometimes I wonder to myself how I manage to get so many people to be in support of the UNC.

Looking at a Newsday article, I saw this snippet:

During his address to supporters last Monday night after the UNC Alliance lost the general election, Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday urged supporters to wash their bright orange jerseys and put it safely away in preparation for the next local government elections.

Seeing that reminded me of winning the election in ’95. Ramesh told me:

“Boy yuh know it orange arready, bess we make it extra orange ent?”

I do not know how, but Ramesh got the Philippino-children sweatshop owner to use an extra bright dye that would affect people’s eyes when in sunlight. The idea was that over enough time, it would impair people’s vision long enough that when they went in the voting booth, if they had a change of heart in voting for us they wouldn’t be able to see properly and still end up voting for us. I guess it worked because we won. Ramesh wasn’t able to have that happen in subsequent batches of jerseys, mind you. He ended up discovering some pitears of the owner and he was shut down. Old ways die hard, and start young, I suppose.



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3 responses to “Local Government Election Meeting

  1. Winston 2012

    Dear Kamla

    You see how this man disrespecting you.

    I tired telling you, our arms are open at COP. It is not too late to join us.

    Please leave this losing formula that is UNC-A and tell everyone you are for COP.

    Anand is for COP. Yetming is for COP.

    And if you truss me, by the end of 2012, the WHOLE OF TRINIDAD will be for COP.

    Winston 2012

  2. Mamoo Patch

    bas any unity talks for the local govt election ?

    ah see yuh boi adba badda erm jack..gonna have ah meeting to see why 148k ppl vote for the corpse..

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