Woodford’s Queer/Vagrant Invasion

As we were all painfully aware, I did not win the election, and Patrick’s swearing in took place in Woodford Square. I had to see for myself, so I was willing to endure Jack’s whining after changing “Sesame Street”.

Upon watching, George Maxwell Richards wasn’t the only one doing some swearing.

“Bas, dat shoulda be we yuh know.” said Ramesh, thoughtfully.

“Don’t worry, we gonna give them hell.” I told him.

What was interesting was where the PM said the meeting took place: I hope the PM knows that all those “supporters” were vagrants living in Woodford Square and were just cheering because they were glad free red jerseys were being handed out.


I am sure an actual supporter or two may have stumbled in, but even they are future vagrants, considering how high food prices are.

All of this aside, there was no mention in the dailies about my triumphant return to blogging after retiring a long time ago. Seems as though the PNM has started controlling the newspapers, keeping these important stories out. Thank goodness the UNC is getting their “internet pimp game on,” as Ramesh puts it. Got to love Ramesh, even though I DESTROYED his career with those pitears.



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6 responses to “Woodford’s Queer/Vagrant Invasion

  1. W.D.

    My dear Bas,

    I’ve been tinkin about the Senate woark yuh offered me last night.

    On de one hand, If I take it, I would have a platform to speak. I’ve become accustomed to speaking to small crowds lately, and Parliament would be perfect.

    On de other hand, if I decline your magnanimous and generous offer, I go look like de ass.

    My only fear is dat if I accept, all those who supported me would lose faith in my integrity. I would lose all credibility.

    De politics is de only ting dat have me here. I have a wuk in a foreign univahsity, you know.

    Yuh reall have meh in a bind Bas, you old fox.

    Say what, I go tink on it and tell you later. Doh put Meighoo dey instead ah me.

    Cautious Regards,

  2. Gillian

    Dear Basdeo,

    I saw Winston’s post. I too want a Senate wuk.

    I love to be heard, ever since my debating days at Naparima Girls High School. I’m sure you see that in my style of speaking.

    I cannot take 5 years of press conferences. They will get tired of me. I need a seat in the Parliament to show off my collection of T&T ties. I would even wear an orange one if you want.

    Politics has a morality of its own, you once said. Give me a chance to gallery once again on integrity and morality. If you put me in the Senate, I cannot again declare myself “Independent” since I shall be an Opposition Senator.

    Before you pull out your can of Bop to spray this incessant buzzing in your ear, gimme a chance, nah?


  3. Wendy Lue Yen

    Good day Mr. Panday,

    I just read Gillian and Winston’s comments. I too wish for you to consider me as an Opposition Senator.

    I have lot’s to say on Agriculture in my northwest Trinidad accent. For example: “nice rally on Saahhhturday”.

    If the accent is to irritating, I can easily switch to Mandarin Chinese.

    I must tell you how sorry I am for saying that your comments on election night were inappropriate. It’s a natural reaction by people like me to people like you – your being the descendant of indentured peasants and all. I lime with white people down de islands, we know what manners is.

    In any event, you and I are similar. We can both hold ourselves out as educated elites and ride the backs of dem Indians straight into government in 2012. I could be Minister of Agriculture! Imagine the possibilities! What better than a person who does not give a fig for rural peasant farmers to convince them to sell their lands to build Movie Townes and Price Smarts.

    Soon all of central will look like Westmoorings.

    I look forward to your call. Oh, by the way, forget Gillian – you want a rainbow Senate.



  4. Manohar


    Ah know you go nevva ask meh to be a Senahtor.

    But I still saying NO.

    If I didn’t have to wipe de spit from the sides of my mouth all the time, I woudda type some more venom (you see- I use a big word dey).


  5. Sir Vidya

    Here we see in all its glory the self-loathing of the Indian.

    Imagine, they so want to be accepted by the Northwest Westmoorings white/chinise crowd that they sold out their own people.

    I say typical. Typical Sat Maharaj mixing religion with politics. Typical Inshan Ishmael who have no self-respect as a Muslim, but is honoured when white people actually say hello. Those Muslims put on the hijab but want the best of the same Western society they outwardly hide from, because we infidels are too dirty to see them.

    Indians must always remember that they shall never, never be one of those POS pothounds. Ask Satnarine Sharma. Just because you take a drink at their cocktail parties does not mean they are your friends.

    The discipline and loyalty of the Afro-Saxon triumphs once again.

    Sir Vidya

  6. Mamoo Patch

    bess ah throw in meh hat in de ring too…

    i will be the voice ah the yute…esp the country yute…although ah does be in town every day…

    ah have plenty to say about crime, roads and the environment.

    whay u think…the “man” aka twisted pirate could give me some pointers

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