The Public Has Spoken, I Have Returned

I know I retired from blogging a long time ago, and gave Jack Warner ownership of the blog, but it is you, the people, that have demanded that I recant my promise and return to my blog. Apparently Jack was less than impressive in his blogging and warranted your demands. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I made it onto the main page, as seen below.


Who am I to turn away the demands of the people? Even the owners of this very site see what it is I am doing and do not want me to stop. Since this is totally out of my hands, I have no choice but to accept.

With all this said, let me apologize for Jack’s post yesterday as it was apparently not up to the standards you have expected. I was able to get him to forget about blogging, instead spending his time counting his salary.

Thank you all for your support. I know it has been tough, but I am back to your bidding.



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5 responses to “The Public Has Spoken, I Have Returned

  1. Ramesh

    I vex like hell right now you know.

    All kind of COP imps reading this blasted blog:

    And look wha some bleddy Greypatch or Figpatch or Antspatch want to call me
    “ah man run in and say this..”

    Ah man?
    Ah MAN?
    Nah, hoss. I is DE MAN.

    Ramesh Lawrence Maharaja.
    “Ah Fraid Ramesh”
    The Twist Mouth Pirate.


    As Dave Chapelle would say “I’m the Chief Whip b!tch!”

    Yours offendedly,

  2. basdeopanday

    Ramesh, please work on a Cease and Desist letter for those hooligans at Trinituner.

    How are they able to use the exact words I have used on MY blog on THEIR site?!

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  4. Mamoo Patch

    lol meh brethas ah just spreading the word….

    since the election results come out all the mirrors sell out

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