Oh, What A Monumental Day

Oh the same day that the people have begged for me to return to blogging, I have also been begged to lead the UNC. The people really do govern how I move. No, the people of the nation decide what movements I make. I almost feel as though I should rename the UNC to show this. Something like the People of the Nation’s Movement. I will have to speak with Ramesh on this. I would love a name like that.


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9 responses to “Oh, What A Monumental Day

  1. Winston

    Actually Bas, all dey ask you to do was to be Leader of the Opposition in de Parliament.

    There is a difference wid dat and leader of the UNC.

    For example, I am Leader of the COP (or CORPSE if you like), but not in the House.

    You however are some kinda co-leader of the UNC, and also Opposition Leader cause u in da House.

    Ah still tinkin about yuh offer. Will discuss it wid Wendy and Gerry over dim sum tomorrow. I go be eatin pork while you fasting!

    Shubh Divali,


  2. basdeopanday

    I am the leader. As far as I am concerned, there is one leader. I am leading the UNC. Get that through your skull and desist from commenting on my blog, Winston.

  3. Ramesh


    Forget he nah. But tell me. I getting Chief Whip or not? You don’t think Kamla would get vex?

    Remember that time she put wee-wee in the whiskey? You still have that bump on your head?

    Tell me nah. Chief Whip or whip cream?


  4. basdeopanday

    Yes you are chief whip, you know that. As soon as I find out what chief whip does again, I will tell you more.

  5. Gillian

    Mr. Panday,

    I have been looking in the mirror since last week and nothing happening. You sure something supposed to happen if you are an Indian and you supported COP in the election?

    I got a call from Jack yesterday and he said that even though he didn’t support COP when he was looking in the mirror on Wednesday after a telephone conversation with Bernard Kerik, his own buss.

    You think my mirror will buss too?


  6. I wish to apologize for all of my lies. As a first stage of atonement for my sins, I will provide refunds for the 1989 strike squad incident. I have enough money now, from the bribes I have received from the strike squad incident that prevented trinidad from qualifying for the world cup in 1989, to pay all of the fake printed tickets.


    Basdeo forgot to mention an important point in the mindless rant; the mirror trick does not work on lesbians. That being said, should you choose to lead a heterosexual lifestyle, a murderer would appear inside of the mirror and then enter the real world and kill you. That is what you get for supporting the drug mafia!

  7. Winston 2012

    Some have time for blogging. Some are men of action.

    I am parked up right now in Salybia, watching the evil PNM machinations and preparing a statement to the press.

    Five minutes ago, Beckles came out, and SMOKED A CIGARETTE.

    I hope everyone is happy. You could have had clean living COP in the driver’s seat.

    Instead, you have smokers.

    I have it on good authority that they were eating meat in there too. In fact, I would not be surprised if they were having ponche de creme or some other vile alcohol. The next one Narace was wearing a baseball cap sideways, like some kind of hooligan gangster.

    Anyway, the people have spoken. Old Dooks too innocent. So now deal with the PNM and their mad partying and debauchery.

    Is ok.

  8. basdeopanday

    Winston, many a time you said you enjoy curry Duck. Funny thing is, I read it in the WOMAN EXPRESS. That says volumes.

  9. Mamoo Patch

    we de ppl (all 10 ah we) welcome bas and ram the dynamic duo back in the saddle again…

    ride orn fellas

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