Last Time I Checked, You Couldn’t Heal Death

President George Maxwell Richards had some words to the nation recently.

“We need healing from the many bruises, some of them self-inflicted, which we have experienced and will continue to experience, if we fail to consider one another,” …

President George Maxwell Richards

I would just like to say, that I see no bruises, other than my ego if you want to include that. The real self-inflicted pain was Dookeran’s political suicide. The crazy old man went as far as to say:

“I look forward to seeing a gentler, caring people, working together for the betterment of ourselves, our families and our communities.”

-President George Maxwell Richards

What am I to do? Hug manning and go build a puzzle with him? I said it once and I will say it again:

“I want to say, every time one of your family or friend is murdered, kidnapped, robbed, raped, I want you to go and stand up in front the mirror and look at yourself. Look at your face. That is what I want you to do. Then I want you to hold your hands together and prayer. You are responsible because you have voted for the PNM and COP, or not at all.”

Basdeo Panday

There is no way I can “heal” after what Winston did. As if my bouts of gas due to my unbridled rage were not enough, I have to read this:

From here on, the COP will begin to prepare for the upcoming Local Government Elections

Why is the CORPSE sticking around? I played the role of political undertaker already and now I must see that the CORPSE still wants to stick around? Is nobody aware of the unbearable stink that we will be left with as a result of the CORPSE carcass laying around? Fine. So be it. It seems the 3 Amigos will have to do this the dirty way. I, Ramesh and Jack will be the vultures, for the people, to pick away at the CORPSE one morsel at a time. We will not stop until the CORPSE is nothing but bones to feed to the dogs.



image courtesy the National Geographic Alliance

Actually, Ramesh and I are the vultures, Jack is the corbeaux.

Maybe that will teach Dookeran a lesson. We will do this only for you, the people!

Shubh Divali!


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5 responses to “Last Time I Checked, You Couldn’t Heal Death

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  2. Winston 2012

    I think this is really uncalled for. I going and complain to WordPress.

    I am the future Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. So really people like you should not be lambasting me on these blogs.

    Today I will really expose you.

    I want everyone here to know that Basdeo turned down my friend request on Facebook.

    Now I don’t know if that is really you on Facebook, or one of your UNC Youth Arm flunkies, but when a future PM offers to be your friend, you don’t throw that away.

    Need I remind you polls said I would win 41 seats, and that was just in this election. By next election COP will DOUBLE that. Yetming has done his sums, you UNCites better respeck!

  3. basdeopanday

    You will never be my friend. If you do as much as to poke me you will see the true power of the Alliance!

  4. Mamoo Patch

    bas when is the last time you mek ah good poke ?

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