MY NEWbabda BLOGadbd

by Jack Warner

Heloo everyeone. I is badba dbadbad. Basdeo retire badabd my blog. Mabdab dbad sexy!

Bye basdeo LOL rAmesh! badab!

My one! Dollar! Mine dollarz!




BAdbadba! Bad! LOL!

I happy I abdab talk good!

abdabd REMEMBER!

Ignore this.

Oh geed!

that lame!


My blug now!




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5 responses to “MY NEWbabda BLOGadbd

  1. Mamoo Patch

    Jack how come the roti oman eh get this bulg ?

  2. wild indian

    everyone knows roti requires attention.
    yuh cyar type and make roti same time.
    I suppose there is a need for KPB to focus on one task at a time, one cannot be a woman and a good driver all at the same time, in the same way one cannot make blog and roti at the same time, d ingredients could get mix up

  3. WD

    I am living proof that you cyah do 2 tings at once.

    We try to lick up Bas and Patos at de same time – look where it get we.

    De only man who cyan do 2 opposing tings at once is Bas, but look where he is.

    Ah doh know when allyuh go be seein me again. Ah sen meh minions Gillian and Wendy on TV to hold some strain. Ah too shame!

    Anyways, gotta run. Have to try and convince Gerry not to resign.

    Maybe we’ll have a cake sale and even sell some more pholouries and saheena to raise funds. Ah betta ask Wendy to make some wontons.

    Forget de pholouries – it go have chutney and Sat doh like chutney. Parsad sale it is. Dey does sell parsad?

    Winston D.

  4. Winston take lix in CORPSE ruhtuhnkahtung….u let batty man beat u? waye fadder, if i was u, ah shame.
    btw, when u passing for the 2 bag ah orange? ah dey home today from 6pm..check meh.


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