My Farewell, Final Thoughts And Ramesh Pitears

Well folks. It seems as though this is it. I am an honest man, and this is, as promised, my final post on my blog. I will give you a while to compose yourself, but do not feel bad about crying: I have grown accustomed after working with Winston.

Now then, I would like to just say that I place blame on all of you. While I have gone through this already, I need to re-iterate what I said:

“I want to say, every time one of your family or friend is murdered, kidnapped, robbed, raped, I want you to go and stand up in front the mirror and look at yourself. Look at your face. That is what I want you to do. Then I want you to hold your hands together and prayer. You are responsible because you have voted for the PNM and COP, or not at all.”

In short, I do not care if you exercised your constitutional right to vote for whomever you chose to vote for. I, in my infinite wisdom, have deemed you all responsible. What this means is that if you were among the intelligent persons to vote for the United National Congress Alliance, you are not responsible for any of the murders, kidnappings, robbings or rapings. It’s essentially a get out of jail card, or at least it would have been, but we’re not in power, are we? No! So now you have to suffer, suffer under the mafia. Suffer under the teacup mafia! Now people will be held responsible for your actions! This is madness! This is Balisier country!!!!!

Are you people wrapping your heads around this? I hope you are, I hope to almighty God that you are.

As if the stress of all this is not enough, the CORPSE is showing signs of life and trying to fight, but like a headless chicken, I mean duck, ultimately, the fight will be lost. Why so jealous of the dual citizenship? Because Bharath has 2 citizenships and you have none after Trinidad disowned you for splitting the vote? Your only defense is that you fell and hit your head, causing temporary retardation, making you put your [X] by the rash. For everyone else, LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

At the very least, there was some good to come out of this.

Mikela won her seat. While it was as surprising as “The Gladiator” hanging up on callers during his show, we will take what we get.

Jack also won his seat, and while we came to an agreement, that he would be repaid for all the pretty advertising when we came into power, he is very understanding of the situation, but we will deal with this at some point. Ramesh and I had a good laugh, though, as yet again we were able to convince Jack that “Red was prettier than blue” when it came to dollar bills and he will be taking a $1 salary. Thank goodness the boy is so gullible.

Because Ramesh and I had a good laugh means nothing. While the CORPSE is to blame, Ramesh’s relationship with me has been on the rocks. He knows what he did, and I would like to leave you with the pitears that will destroy Ramesh’s career! You are not the only one who can find pitears when it is most convenient to you.




I leave you with this, dear friends, and hope that you remember me and my blog. And Remember Ramesh for what he has done!

I know you are in tears that blogging tenure has come to an end, but like a phoenix, rising from the ashes, there is hope, as Austin Jack Warner will take over as leader of The Extra Secret Blog of Basdeo Panday.

From now on, Jack will take over this blog, welcome him with open arms, and I bid you all a farewell!



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14 responses to “My Farewell, Final Thoughts And Ramesh Pitears

  1. WD

    My Dear Bas,

    I muss tell you dat your speech at Rienzi waz inappropriate. Why yuh want people to hate me so?

    I told Wendy and Hazel to come out in their best schoolmistress accents to chastize you for that. I gave dem instructions not to refer to Suren’s remarks about orgasms and shoving things up you know where. Dat was appropriate for Woodford Square.

    My Dear Bas, remembah, it have some Trinis who have no identity, and are really thrilled to orgasm when high-brown and North West Chinee/White actually talkin to dem. Dont talk about the Muslim. Dey feel dem is not part of the Indian Hindu tribe and dey just want respectability. We gave it to them.

    All we did was listen to Roy, Gerry and dem big boy financiers. Dey told us we cudda win.

    Dat is why we did not see it necessary to do the wuark on de ground.

    I admit we was reckless. But all ah we COP have enough $$ to lock ourselves in our gated communities in Westmoorings or even migrate to lecture in foreign universahties.

    I feelin’ tired. Meh head like it stop shakin’.

    Give my regrets to the NCIC. Im afraid I and my colleagues will not be attending Divali Nagar this year.



  2. Ramesh

    This is BS

    I deserve to own this blog. Why Jack getting it? He run a bribe nah.

    I demand to get this blog, or I defecting to COP and taking Tabaquite with me.

  3. Jack

    Bbbut BBas, yuhh muss be jokin.

    Yuh actually wwant mmee ttto ttake over yyyuh bbbblogg?

    I tttink is a damn ttrick! Ah not falling for ddat old pploy yuh used 1,000 times before.


    Ddat is why I mekkin meh ccoments in de comments area. I know meh pplace.

    Oh, by de wway, I booked de flights for Hedonism II. We land in Mo’bay at 5pm on Saturday. De private jet only have space for 2. Ddoh bring Oma.

    S-stand ttall,


  4. WD


    I cannot understan why you want to defec to the COP. One can only join a party dat is alive and functionin’. We dead and dysfunctional.

    Even you cyannot make we more dead and dysfunctional.

    Sadiq and Ganga say dey go leave if yuh join. Dey fraid yuh. But wait, dey leave since last night.

    Been trying to get on to Anand since Monday, but he lock up he Constituency office tight tight since 4.00 pm on Polling Day. Methinks you may have gotten his goat.

    By de way, yuh have any more ah dem yellow and red rakhis? I did have to take out mine to go to church on Sunday an meh wife must have thrown dem out wid the pile ah we manifestos.

    Call meh,


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  6. A COP Attorney

    The Hon. Basdeo Panday, M.P.
    Member of Parliament and soon to be
    Leader of the Opposition

    Dear Mr. Panday, sir

    Reference is made to the recently concluded General Elections, in which I ran, but was unsuccessful.

    While I do not admit to splitting the votes and causing you to end up in Opposition for 5 years, I must concede that we all fought a good fight against each other.

    Despite my stubborn insistence on not heeding your calls for unity, even at the 12th hour, I wish to take up the offer now.

    You are a man of limitless forgiveness. Please forgive me and my colleagues for the nasty things we said about you, your wife and your daughter.

    Above all, forgive us for daring to go against your established and numerically strong political base.

    That being said, let bygones be bygones, or as your supporters say: let baigans be baigans (you see – I’m no “knife-and-fork).

    I would respectfully like to apply for a Senate work. I think I can fight for the people even though the only struggle I have known is lining up for gas at Medford Gas Station. That alone is enough!

    I need your endorsement. I cannot leave my house. The peasants in the village want to planass me once the electronic gates open. The simple man who sells coconuts want to “chap” me. People are phoning in to radio stations threatening to give me a bullpistle.

    Save me from the political graveyeard just like you resurrected Ramesh.

    I deserve equal treatment.

    If you do not comply with this request within 48 hours, I shall have no choive but to take legal proceedings under the Equal Opportunities Act, 2000 for discrimination, in that you as Opposition Leader have refused to appoint me a Senator based on my political affiliation.

    You know I can take this all the way to the Privy Council.

    I therefor hope to hear from you as a matter of urgency.

    Yours faithfully (if I get a Senator wuk)

    COP Attorney

  7. Jack Warner

    Abdba dbadba ddadbabd!

    MY BLOG!
    babdadbadba no bas!

    adba adbadb! LOL!

  8. wild indian

    d COP attorney shoulda sign Ramesh Jr.

  9. A COP Attorney

    Wild Indian,

    Some actually call me that!

  10. Mamoo Patch

    like the COP Attorney de small ah bad fart when dem sall he dat

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  12. Gillian


  13. COP Attorney
    Gaston court,

    I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 7th, 2007. I have consulted my inner circle, which consists of Jack, Ramesh, Ish, Oma, Stevey and a pq of firewater. The collective wisdom of my good council has suggested that I do not perform the requested political revival at this time.

    It would be too hypocritical to do such a thing at this juncture, even more so than giving political opponents derogatory nicknames whilst simultaneously suggesting a convenient alliance with them. Even more so than invoking the name of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela during a lengthy campaign, likening the great men to myself, only to launch a venomous attack on 800,000 people for exercising their democratic right after the conclusion of the elections.

    I will revive you eventually, as I need someone to keep me out of jail. Kamla and Ramesh are busy teaching Jack how pronounce words that being in “Ch”, so you’re my only viable option.

    As long as you keep me out of jail, the senator wuk will be dey waiting for you. I can, as I did before (2005), unceremoniously remove UNC appointed senators and replace them with other friends. Save my bamsee from being splitted like how Dookeran splitted the vote and it’s all yours.

    Yours sincerely,
    Basdeo Panday

  14. basdeopanday

    I do not understand. That is not me.

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