Thank You

Thank you! Thank you all! We did it! I am the new Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago! More tomorrow while we celebrate! Kamla is speaking right now, just after Ramesh stumbled off the stage. We let Jack out his playpen to come out with us. I was sleeping the evening away, but came to meet everyone chairing, hearing Richie Spice! So thank you, as it could only mean victory! I shall speak with you later my dear friends!


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4 responses to “Thank You

  1. sela

    perfect logic as usual. Congratulations!!!

  2. Mamoo Patch

    so when is the victory rally bas ?

  3. trinifakenews

    Your victory speech was amazing. The vitriol, the hatred you spewed was everything we’ve come to expect and want from you. That introduction of Mikela was awe inspiring. Or maybe it was scary. Either way it was something to behold. The fact that Jack never wanted the leadership all along and decides to leave that to you and Kamla was so magnaminous of him. Jack is truely a leader. I’d pay more than a dollar to see him get what he deserves. Unlike that neemakaram Dookeran. His speech was so boring. I heard it brought some people to tears. Tears of happiness that he finally stated his true purpose of divinding this country and not caring for his so called ‘new politics’. Or maybe it was that he was still standing up for what he and so many other dispersed patriots believe in still in spite of his/their lose. Trini politics is so funny we can never tell with you politicians.

    Keep up the dirty fight Mr. Panday. Yes you are the Prime Minister still. Because you and Mr. Manning are the same after all. Hope you keep blogging or maybe Mikela can continue for you. You seem to be grooming her.

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