Some Bad News….

Apparently when I came out from my nap and saw Ramesh stumbling off the stage…he wasn’t giving a victory speech. It is with a heavy heart I let you know that the PNM won the election for a tenth term.

Unbelievable, I know.

Seems I, along with Kamla and Ramesh had been hitting the fire watter very hard and had no idea what was going on.

I still don’t know.

I said for you to stand tall! Well, I hope you have crutches, because it seems you people have polio.

But we shall press on.

Elections went off well yesterday. We carried Jack to vote, and he really enjoyed it, but spent way too much time in the booth, and when it came to inking his finger, he thought he was in UNC headquarters finger-painting as usual.

I’ll have you all know that I blame Ramesh for all of this and today in my last blogging hurrah, I shall show that Ramesh is not the only one with pitears.

I want you all to do like Kamla! Look in the mirror and bow your head in shame! Look at the reflection and cry! Questions who you are now! Pretend you are Gillian Lucky and ask yourself “Who am I?”

You have let the tea-cup mafia win.

Ramesh, I am not pleased….



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7 responses to “Some Bad News….

  1. Ramesh

    janam janam kyaarr pyaar hai, devah neigh hoo hotar pyaar janam gilay eyayyy.
    lix in anand muddacunt! who he feel he is, he eh ha nun on de tabaquite tiger.

    bas, ah no u vex, ah come back in parliament, but fuck you!


  2. Winston Dookeran, PM 2012


    Please don’t end the bloggings.

    I have seen the error of my ways. I should have never let you go, baby.

    Nothing ain’t gone right in my life since I walked out that door.

    All I want to do is find a way back into One Love. Give me a chance please.

    Your ride or die gyal

  3. Jack

    Hrm um $20 million *”($”:!_(&^&!! blatter grmmm mansion!

  4. Kamla

    Move it gramps.

    I’m taking over this blog now.

  5. Ramesh

    What the hell?

    You three stop stalking me.

  6. Mamoo Patch

    Ramesh u have the potential to be like the Hero.
    you better check he fuh some lessons.

    Jack how long you have to save dat 1$ ah month b4 you get back all de $$ u spend bhai ?

    Kamla u have to get yuh own blog.

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