Farewell Tomorrow

Much like Patrick, my blogging will come to an end. I must remain truthful to my promise that if I lost, I would stop blogging. I did, and I shall. Tomorrow my farewell blog, due to WordPress.com giving some trouble at the moment. I was never extended an invitation as with Pat and TTblogs. That is how the crix crumbles, I suppose.

Tonight I shall entertain you with my presence in chat again, before the farewell tomorrow. Or not, depends on if Jack is giving trouble to go to bed.

Tomorrow, dear friends.



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11 responses to “Farewell Tomorrow

  1. Ramesh


    Sorry we did not have the chance to talk last night. But you sounded real break up, boy. You too huh.

    Lynette stop giving me years now. I suppose Oma stop too, especially after we lose yesterday. I know how you feel.

    Is not my fault she find out about the lime in your office. You was the one who call me neemakharam and twist mouth when you was vex with me. You was the one who give Kamla acting prime minister when you knew I was the one appointed by God for that post.

    I had to. I had to give Patrick the pitears. But even so, I hold back on those with Oma and the champagne the night she get drunk and puke on Picadilly Circus. How we had to lif’ she fat ass inside the Benz. Even Kamla don’t be so hard to liff up when she booze up and can’t walk.

    Anyway, is you and me. Back together again in the parliament. We go give them hell.

    But tell me frank? I better than Yababadaba in talking. Not so?

    Anyway, I go see you at the fete. Patrick still coming? He send you the cheque? I tell you, you shoulda arkse for cash. He know how hard you work to prevent the corpse from getting a seat?


  2. The Devil

    well boy, we did it. we manage to keep dat wretched saint out of the political scene. you, me and patrick go celebrate at a later date.

  3. basdeopanday

    Ramesh, don’t even talk to me boy. You go look in the mirror, too. We in parliament together, but we have to look out for the teacup mafia.

  4. Ramesh


    Look in the mirror? What mirror? The one you put under the ladder when Shamilla did climb up to get the book?

    What mirror? The one at the bottom of the glass after a bottle of “Blue”?

    What mirror? The one on your nose after you shine it on Lawrence ass?

    What mirror you want me to use? The one at the top of Jack head? Or the one on the tip of his business with your spit on it?

    I wants to know.


  5. basdeopanday

    The mirror on top of Anil Roberts’ head. Wait, that’s just the head.

  6. sela

    Cheer up Bas. Two things, you could still be the oldest Prime Minister Trinidad ever had.
    Secondly Nikela could be just as wonderful and inspiring as that other progeny of Bush Sr.

  7. Ramesh

    I want to be leader now.

  8. basdeopanday

    Not at all. Jack is leader of the blog now!

  9. W. Mark

    jack tek ovaa…

    so wayde mark eh getting ah bly after all dem years in de trenches..

    wetting in the rain holding umbrella fuh you

  10. wild indian

    wade ….. SALT!!!!

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