Who Cares? We Have Beenie Man.

Yesterday’s rally was enjoyable. It was a sea of orange, my favourite metamucil flavour.

Someone asked me if I felt bad about the rally and the campaign in general.

“Of course not.” I said.

I asked why I would.

Ramesh interjected with a few points:

  • I didn’t speak about any issues.
  • I basically attacked the PNM with no basis for anything.
  • I literally begged to be leader again, using my age as a major point.
  • I am in the forefront of things and Jack is on the backburner.
  • I stopped mentioning that thing about any UNC candidate winning their seat had an equal chance to lead the UNC.
  • I focussed on me, myself and I.
  • I may look petty bringing up that whole “dictator” thing when there was no mention of it in the PNM manifesto.
  • I have been focussing on one race and throwing in entertainers as an after thought for “other races”.

The list went on, but I stopped him.

“None of that matters, we have Beenie Man.” I said. Everyone agreed, then we left Aranguez.

“None of that matters when we have Beenie man


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